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Walnut Hollow Ranch



About Us

Walnut Hollow Ranch is dedicated to providing high-quality all natural beef. Our Black Angus Cattle are raised responsibly, with top standards, producing the finest beef obtainable. We are committed to offering a healthy beef choice direct to your family. Please visit our website for RV Ranch and Farm Lodge information.

Walnut Hollow Ranch is ''committed to offering a healthy choice direct to your family”. - Premium Black Angus Burgers & Steaks - Pastured Raised Chicken Breasts - All Natural Spare Ribs and Pork Chops

SOCIAL DISTANCING ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS 1) Visit our website to see our selection of cuts and pricing 2) Call 828-389-8931 to place your order in advance 3) Pay your invoice online with your credit card 4) Pick up your beef at your requested time on Friday or Saturday 10-4pm

Selection & Pricing SEE

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