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About Us


Rewards for HEALTHIER individuals and families = LOWER more affordable premiums, at little to zero deductible, helping you avoid financial distress due to high medical bills!

Choose your OWN doctors/hospitals! Do you have a favorite doctor/hospital/dentist/chiropractor?…keep that relationship!

Guaranteed monthly rate lock for 15 months, NO obligation of a contract!

NOT subject to ACA (Obamacare) mandates = ENROLL ANYTIME! Yes, that is need to wait until open-enrollment!

24 hour coverage, meaning ON/OFF THE JOB…the self-employed should LOVE this!

Dental Insurance and income protection offered.

Portable, take it with you if you move/travel…not bound by state borders!

A+ BBB rated company!

This is NOT a discount medical plan, NOR is it an indemnity plan, NOR is it a supplemental-only medical plan...this is full long-term health coverage, specifically built for HEALTHIER individuals and families!

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