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Murphy School of Dance


Music & Performing Arts

About Us

Established in 1988, Murphy School of Dance is known as Western NC's premier dance education program. Located right in the heart of downtown Murphy, North Carolina, currently serving students and families from eight surrounding counties in Western North Carolina, North Georgia, East Tennessee and other bordering states and counties. In an environment which celebrates each and every student's talents and abilities, MSOD seeks to provide a create outlet for student self-expression and to promote and atmosphere of community and compassion. We believe our students will rise to the expectation we set for them... so we set them HIGH! With former students now performing in Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles, MSOD has proven its ability to train and guide students to success at all levels of commitment. Over our 30 years, we have strived to create an artistic learning environment where everyone truly feels wanted and appreciated! Welcoming students of ALL backgrounds, our instructors aim to teach their students more than just dance, often focusing in lessons of kindness, compassion, giving, accountability and sharing while relating all topics and desired morals back to the arts; our passion! A sincere "dance family", MSOD provides the highest quality of dance education within a loving and nurturing environment. Students are encouraged to be accountable, responsible, and self reliant; qualities we know will assist them in all of their future endeavors entering adulthood. Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, we strive to meet the goals and potential of each and every student. Our instructors are committed to giving each student attention while also moving the class forward to get the most out of our program's experience. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our program, simply contact us or stop by! Thank YOU for choosing MSOD!

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