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Carolina Mountain Trout



About Us

Carolina Mountain was started in the early 1980?s with one small rainbow trout farm. We progressively grew and, in 1985, a processing plant was built in order to provide fresh fish to local restaurants and grocery stores. We are now the largest trout organization east of the Mississippi River, providing much of the rainbow trout for the east coast.

Our trout are grown in the clean, pure waters of the western North Carolina Mountains, with much of the water coming from forest service land and national parks. This ensures rainbow trout of the highest quality and of the highest nutrition. We grow approximately 1/3 of all fish we process and 8 additional farms in the area provide our remaining supply.

We are constantly striving to improve upon our products and to expand to new products in order to make our customers happy. Your input is important to us. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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