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Eagle Park Project Manager

  Work Location:                  90 Neutron Drive, Murphy NC  28906

  Required Skills:                  Customer service, home maintenance and repairs, computer/software use

  Start Date:                         Summer 2022

  Work Days:                        Tuesday through Saturday

  Daily Shift:                         Part Time – Five Hours   10:00am – 4:00pm with lunch break    25 hours/week

  Starting Benefits:                Salary – $25.00 per hour, performance bonus, 401K, vacation days

  Job Sharing Option:             Available

  Company Provides:              Work space in model home, laptop or tablet computer, business telephone, tools

  Employee Provides:             Transportation to/from work location

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Open the Eagle Park model home and sales office for daily business
  • Prepare the sales office for business visitors (computers, systems, refreshments, etc.)
  • Welcome visitors, describe Hawk Ridge and Eagle Park, educate buyers and brokers, answer questions
  • Provide site tours of Hawk Ridge Landing and Eagle Park property in company vehicle
  • Schedule Eagle Park home installations with home setup and construction contractors
  • Monitor new home installation process, coordinate with team members to meet delivery schedules
  • Assist contractors with selected home installation, setup, maintenance and repair work
  • Prepare and inspect new homes for final delivery to buyers
  • Complete project activity reports

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